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Fleet Tracking

TMF truck tracking systems provide tracking and reporting of leased trucks and trailers. When you know the “where” and “when” of your portfolio, you can better manage your inventory and lending functions. Call today for details.

Boat club/Rental Tracking

TMF tracking’s system can provide boat clubs and boat rental companies benefits:

Reduced Theft

Reduce Unauthorized Usage

Increased Boating safety

Reduced missed or late reservations.

Keep boats within designated SAFE ZONE

Construction Equipment Trackers

TMF tracking’s system can provide Construction Equipment Trackers:

Improve Maintenance Scheduling

Accurate Customer Billing

Extend Equipment Life

Reduce Equipment Theft or Loss.

Prevent Equipment Downtime

Personal Tracking

TM Fleet provides a complete GPS anti theft and tracking systems for your motor vehicles.

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate the Worry

Protect your Asset

About Us

Welcome to TM Fleet

TM Fleet provides reliable, cutting edge GPS technology to any size business, municipality, and individual vehicle owner. Instantly locate employees, vehicles, heavy equipment, and more at your finger tips, from any computer in the world 24 hours a day.

We only offer top of the line devices and software that are both real time & on demand trackers. Because we stock a variety of devices and systems we can meet any budget. Never pay overcharges with TM Fleet; we have the right system for your business and your budget.



On-Demand Locates VS Live Tracking

If You have access to an internet-ready computer or smartphone anytime day or night you can get instantaneous access to the units current and past location histories.

GEO Fencing and GEO Zoning

Automatically monitor your Units entrance or exit of a point of interest of an electronic perimeter around your unit or site. If your unit travels beyond a personally preset boundary,

Alerts/ Notifications

Receive email or text message (some systems use email alerts only) when one of your own personal set parameters have been breached. Speeding, leaving school or work early.

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