Your investment in our GPS Products will allow you to locate your vehicle, unit or asset anytime anywhere by logging on to any internet computer and signing in to your account online. Our GPS system is the most affordable in the industry and allows you to see where all of your vehicles/machines are currently at as well as where they have been.


On-Demand Locates VS Live Tracking

If You have access to an internet-ready computer or smartphone anytime day or night you can get instantaneous access to the units current and past location histories. With Live Tracking, you will also see a breadcrumb trail with Direction and movement. Very useful for a fleet, Trucking, Marine and power sports drivers.

GEO Fencing and GEO Zoning

Automatically monitor your Units entrance or exit of a point of interest of an electronic perimeter around your unit or site. If your unit travels beyond a personally preset boundary, you will be alerted instantaneously by e-mail to your cellular phone. GEO Zones are area specific and GEO Fences are device specific. Meaning, when you use a GEO Zone you set it once and any device that enters or exits the area will send an alert out. With a GEO Fence, you set the area around the device and then when the asset leaves that location you receive an alert.

Alerts/ Notifications

Receive email or text message (some systems use email alerts only) when one of your own personal set parameters have been breached. Speeding, leaving school or work early. Engine hours whatever you want to know you now will have the solution to provide you the answers.

Low Battery

Know when your unit’s battery power has been disconnected or undergoing a decrease in available power and obtain the current location of your unit to aid in recovery.


Automatically receive weekly, monthly or even daily reports sent directly to your email providing you with information to help manage your business or family. Engine hours, Mileage reports, Maintenance schedules, Payroll, Customer service, Billing and more.

30-day money back guarantee

TM Fleet GPS Trackers include a 30-day money back guarantee on a customer’s initial Order (Guarantee does not apply to special order tracking devices). If you are dissatisfied with your service or tracker/s for any reason, you will receive a full refund. 30-day money back guarantee begins with date devices are received. Any device/s returned under the 100% money back program must be in their original packaging and in the same condition as received, Device/s must not show any signs of wear and tear. Device/s must be returned to TM fleet within 30 days to be eligible for a refund. 30-day trial begins with date devices are received at customer’s location/s. All returns must be sent to 600 Cleveland St. Suite 300, Clearwater, FL 33755. Tracker/s must also be shipped with some form of the tracking number to confirm the receipt of the return date. Please send customer contact information and the reason for return. After the 30 day money back guarantee the customer will be covered by the Manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty for defective devices only. Please contact us at mbutcher@TMfleet.com or call 877-466-0104 for more information and details on the 30-day guarantee and limited one year manufactures warranty.