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Lease/purchase Truck Tracking
If you are in the trucking rent to own/ lease purchase finance business you know that your portfolio is spread thru out North America on any given day. If your customer (The driver) terminates his lease with his trucking company your asset (truck) could be at risk. Once the trucking company removes their wireless tracking and communications system you are now in a position where you could lose valuable time and resources.! What if the truck you have financed ends up on the side of a raod , a truckstop or in an impound yard? Every day until you recover the vehicle you are losing money! Eliminate the risk, eliminate the worry. Protect your assets with GPS tracking from TMF Tracking , TMF truck tracking systems provide tracking and reporting of leased trucks and Trailers, When you know the “where” and “when” of your portfolio, you can better manage your inventory and lending functions. Call today for details.

Service vehicle tracking

Being out of touch with your business while you’re away from the office is a fleet manager’s Nightmare. With TMF Gps fleet tracking software it no longer has to be. Receive Real-time location updates and alerts directly to your phone. An informed owner or fleet manager wants to know.

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Delivery vehicles, trucking fleets, Service fleets, Rental fleets, Municipalities. If your business or municipalities name and number are on your vehicles then you need to know what they are doing. Eliminate risk, eliminate loss and eliminate worry.

Eliminate the risk

Eliminate the worry

Protect your assets with GPS tracking from TMF Tracking

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