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Boat club/Rental tracking

Boat rental companies and boat clubs see their fair share of experienced “challenged” boaters hit the open waters. Nice sunny day, Blue skies, The wind ripping past the boat, Water splashing upon the deck can give a customer a relaxing and fun filled experience. Whether an individual has years of experience or is a weekend warrior changes in weather happen quickly and often on the open waters. As club owner or rental boat facility you know what can happen to the inexperienced boater in even a minor storm

To these companies GPS tracking is a must to ensure the safety of their customers and their club Members. Alex Atteberry Of Lottoboat Watercraft rentals in St Petersburg FL is one those boat Rental/clubs that has experienced just how a GPS tracking system can provide a safety net for his club members and rental customers. “Customers are always calling in from their cell phones in a panic, lost, and stuck on a sand bar or countless other issues. With TMF tracking’s system I just log in to the system and I immediately can see where they are. “With that information I can either guide them home or in some instances dispatch a recovery crew” “I cannot imagine running a boat club or boat Rental Company without using a system.

TMF tracking’s system can provide boat clubs and boat rental companies benefits:

With the average boat costing nearly $35,000, theft has become a serious issue for any boat owner, clubs and rental facilities GPS tracking is a great tool for theft prevention and recovery because a TMF tracker can quickly identify any unauthorized users or movement of the boat. Many insurance agencies will even offer discounted rates for individuals who take additional precautions to protect their assets

Boat rental facilities and clubs utilize Geo fencing features to help ensure that their fleet of rented/member boats stay within a certain pre-determined area. This can help both boat rental facilities and clubs give informed suggestions on popular boating and fishing spots as well as help with dangerous low spots and sandbars.

Increased Boating Safety

The use of GPS tracking devices can result in a safer boat, promoting family security. TMF Tracking GPS technology can assist by sending notification via email or cellular phone text message if there is ever a loss of battery power or Geofence zone violations. This vital data recorded and transmitted by the GPS system can help boaters take measures to ensure proper maintenance and boat care.

Watercraft Fleet Management Operations

By taking simple steps to reduce travel time and unnecessary costs, watercraft fleet operations can increase productivity and efficiency with GPS tracking system technology. A GPS tracking system can help assist in scheduling and planning of any form of maintenance as well as fuelling. Not to mention, always knowing a boat’s exact location is only a mouse click away provides safety and assurance.

Marine GPS Tracking System Solution

Whether an individual is a owner of a single boat or operates a fleet of marine vessels, Tmf tracking technology can improve safety, security, and operation.

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