Announcing New Features to Transform the Worker Experience

n recent years, the workforce that powers physical operations—drivers, field technicians, safety managers, fleet managers, dispatchers, and more—has had to manage their organizations with limited resources under unprecedented circumstances. As a result, this industrial workforce requires the right tools and technology to meet increasing customer demand. In fact, in our State of Connected Operations Report surveying over 1,500 operations leaders, 54% of all respondents cite easy-to-use technology as a key factor in how they recruit and retain employees

Our platform, the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, is helping the people who power our economy by leveraging data to simplify day-to-day tasks, keep workers safe, and make the workplace more connected. By breaking down operational silos and consolidating data on one platform, organizations are better able to realize a new level of excellence.

We’re excited to announce a series of new product features that will connect physical operations and make a tangible impact on the way employees work. Read on to learn how these new features provide both back-office and field employees with the tools they need to move their operations forward.

Improve productivity with customizable Driver Workflows

In addition to their core responsibilities, drivers are expected to complete a number of administrative, compliance, and safety-related tasks as part of their daily routine. Completing every task can be time-consuming even for the most experienced drivers, and is especially challenging for new drivers who are onboarding. 

Driver Workflows are designed to guide drivers and field operators through the most mission-critical parts of their day, while reducing the administrative burden on the back office. Managers can use Workflow Builder to create customized mobile workflows for the Samsara Driver App to onboard new workers, reduce errors, and streamline drivers’ days. 

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